Experience of use Prostamin Forte

Experience of using Frank Dusseldorf prostatitis Prostamin Forte capsules

Prostatitis almost ruined my family

I am 38 years old and six months ago we finally got married to my girlfriend after 5 years of engagement. We've never had any problems with sex before, we love each other a lot and we're good together. But luckily two months ago I started having health problems. First there was pain in the lower abdomen, then it became difficult to urinate, as if something was interfering inside. In the face of all this, I was irritated, because I didn't understand what was happening and I still didn't want to go to the doctor. There were problems with sleep and, of course, with sex. My attraction dropped to zero. My wife tried to support me and asked me to go to the doctor, and then, seeing my coldness in bed, decided that I had fallen in love with her and was dating another woman. I couldn't share my problem with her, I was ashamed, it seemed that this only happens to old people. My marriage was on the verge of collapse.

How I discovered Prostamin Forte

Prostamin Forte capsules in a blister

As soon as we talked to a colleague, he noticed that I looked terrible. I suddenly told him my problems. He recommended checking the official Prostamin Forte website and said that he and his wife are having a second honeymoon thanks to this medicine. I've read the component analysis, the real user reviews, the doctors' comments. I liked that the composition of this remedy for prostatitis is natural, from vegetable substances and zinc. It also describes how to use and lists indications for use. And I decided to give it a try, ordering three-pack capsules for myself to drink the whole dish.

Reception result

I took one capsule every day. In a few days, I noticed improvement, the pain lessened and I myself became calmer. A week later I suddenly realized that I really want my wife and we just had insane conciliatory sex. After a month, I recovered completely and our sex life was back to the same. So, these capsules saved not only my health but also my love.